11 essential business management insights from Apple’s Q3

Apple set a June quarter record in the quarter just gone, buoyed by strong iPad and Mac sales and a wave of iPhone SE upgrades.

You can read all about its fiscal news here, but the company also shared some points that may be of interest to any enterprise struggling to pivot its business during the current pandemic.

iPhone 12 will be delayed

This year’s corporate IT purchasing and 5G service introduction plans may be tempered by Apple’s confirmation that this year’s iPhone 12 will ship “a few weeks later” than it did last year. That’s in line with recent market speculation.

The pandemic is a marathon, not a sprint

Apple is certainly feeling the impact of the partial closure of its retail business, citing this as one of the reasons wearables and iPhone sales were impacted in the quarter.

What’s more important is Apple’s admission that it doesn’t anticipate business stability to return until we see a vaccine or therapeutic appear.

“I think that would boost consumer confidence quite a bit if it began to happen,” CEO Tim Cook said.

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