A Buffalo Niagara native steps up as Bank of America’s market president | Local News

I think there’s this perception that Bank of America, being this large, global institution, that maybe the talent or someone that would accept this role, you might have to look from the outside. 

I think what’s really interesting about this organization and really about my story is, the ability to be raised in Buffalo, the ability to grow my career pretty much with one organization since 2003 in the banking industry, and no need to bounce around from bank to bank or whatnot.

I’ve worked in a number of different organizations. The call center locally, which employs a lot of people. I’ve worked in a financial center, and in our commercial banking space, and our small business banking space.

Being able to kind of touch all the different business lines and interact with all the business lines I think really prepared me well to take this role and really look at it as a convener, and a convener of different roles and different people.

Q: Bank of America is one of the nation’s largest banks. How do you try to make the Buffalo market stand out within that?

A: I think you have to focus in on how we support our communities, how we support our clients, how we support our teammates. Being a big company, we have an incredible, incredible amount of resources. It’s really my job as the Buffalo president to grab these resources and utilize these resources and bring them down to the local level.