Advantages Offered by Programmed Spreadsheets

In today’s competitive climate, proper business management and organization plans are crucial for companies that strive to maintain leading positions on the market. Apart from a substantial capital, company owners have to invest lots of time and effort in order to maximize the efficiency, profitability and exposure of their business. However, companies can nowadays achieve these goals with less effort and in a cheaper way by using properly designed spreadsheets. The right spreadsheet solutions allow companies of all shapes and sizes to achieve and maintain a prominent position on the market, optimizing and accelerating a wide range of specific business processes and tasks.

Serving for a multitude of purposes and being renowned for their efficiency and reliability, spreadsheet solutions have a major contribution to business management and development. Existing spreadsheet solutions are no longer limited to accountancy processes (monitoring financial data, managing budgets and facilitating a series of data manipulation processes); they can also be successfully used as means of business analysis, organization, as well as forecasting, allowing companies to gradually expand, achieve better exposure and neutralize the competition.

In order to ensure that you are provided with high-quality spreadsheet solutions and that they are 100 percent compatible with the profile and size of your business, you need to possess performing, state-of-the-art spreadsheet programs. However, it is important to note that the entire process of designing and creating your own spreadsheet solutions by using spreadsheet-generating programs is time consuming and requires a good level of expertise. Without the help of a specialized team of experienced programmers and mathematicians, the process of obtaining efficient spreadsheet solutions can be very challenging.

On the other hand, to hire and permanently maintain a team in charge of creating the right spreadsheet solutions for your business would be very costly. Added with the costs of regular spreadsheet-generating program purchases, the costs involved by forming and keeping a well-trained team of spreadsheet designers in your company can generate considerable financial losses to the business you are running, especially when you are the owner of a struggling micro-business. To eliminate the problems behind spreadsheet designing, the best option is to purchase high-quality ready-made spreadsheet solutions from a specialized, reliable provider.

By choosing ready-made spreadsheet solutions instead of using spreadsheet-generating programs, business owners can economize time and also reduce costs substantially. Ready-made spreadsheet solutions are available in a wide range of formats, serving for a variety of predefined purposes. They are the ideal tools for companies who lack the financial resources and / or the staff required for generating spreadsheet solutions with specific programs. At present, the most requested types of ready-made spreadsheet solutions are “Spreadsheets for Small Business” and the subcategory “Spreadsheets for Actors”.

“Spreadsheets for Small Business” is a complete package of ready-made spreadsheets that optimizes and facilitates a series of business processes such as sales exec commission tracking, calculating business expenses and planning budgets. The “Spreadsheet for Small Business” package incorporates valuable programmed spreadsheets such as “Small Business Expense Spreadsheet” – provides accountants and tax-preparers with a complete report on relevant business expenses; “Producer’s Budget” – helps users to establish budgets and keep track of their spending; “Monthly Personal Budget” – designed to track daily, weekly and monthly spending for individuals.

“Spreadsheets for Actors” comprises a wide variety of programmed spreadsheets especially created for professionals in the entertainment industry. Whether you are an actor, producer, editor or director, you will greatly benefit from the “Spreadsheets for Actors” package. The “Spreadsheets for Actors” package facilitates a series of processes, ranging from creating and managing budgets to keeping track of unpredictable income and expenses. The mentioned package includes valuable programmed spreadsheets such as the “Income and Residual Tracker” – provides professionals in the entertainment branch with detailed information regular and residual income; “The Biorhythm Plotter” – helps users in planning various events and actions based on Primary and Secondary Biorhythms (the spreadsheet solution allows users to choose the right timing for their actions according to personal intellectual, psychological and physiological factors); “Basic Actor Package” – designed to facilitate the process of calculating expenses.

By opting for the competitive and performing “Spreadsheets for Small Business” and “Spreadsheets for Actors” ready-made spreadsheet packages in the detriment of time-consuming and difficult to use programmable spreadsheet generators, users can handle an extensive spectrum of business processes the quick and easy way.

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