Alpha|Stack launches business management SaaS platform providing the communications industry a specialized solution

RICHARDSON, Texas, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After four years of development, Alpha|Stack a revolutionary business management platform, launched operations on August 10th, 2020. With an integrated CRM, site survey path tool, network management and operation software, Alpha|Stack is optimized for communications companies to utilize as one business management platform enabling seamless data migration between modules.

Alpha|Stack provides communications companies full internal and external lifecycle management for their organization on one platform. This enables telecom companies to rid themselves of multiple SaaS subscriptions by consolidating business management on one platform resulting in significant savings.

“We are excited to show communications businesses the power of our software,” said John Jenkins Alpha|Stack CEO “We’re confident Alpha|Stack will help companies consolidate business management processes saving them money and resulting in better internal and external communication.”

Instead of paying for many expensive platforms that are largely disjointed from one another, companies can now reduce their operating expenses by managing their business on one platform with seamless data migration. With the increased data visibility Alpha|Stack provides, companies can easily manage their customers, employees and resources all in one integrated platform

About Alpha|Stack:
Alpha|Stack is a revolutionary business management platform optimized to suit the needs of communications companies. With Alpha|Stack’s integrated CRM, site survey path tool, network management and operation software, it’s optimized to enable seamless data migration between modules allowing for companies to consolidate business management into one platform.

Watch this brief video and see how Alpha|Stack disrupts the SaaS market surrounding communications companies by integrating business management processes and saving businesses money. For any inquiries contact our team today at [email protected] or 866.733.6104