Bartlesville business gives first responders free bottled water

Miracle Ear in Bartlesville is gathering bottled water to distribute to Washington County first responders to help them battle their thirst as they fight fires and medical emergencies.

As of Monday, the local hearing aid business had rounded up around 111 cases of bottled water for firefighters, emergency medical services, police and other first responders in Bartlesville, Copan, Dewey and Ochelata.

“This time of year it’s super hot, and this is one less basic essential that first responders have to think about when we do our water drive,” said Echo Ennis, Miracle Ear’s office manager.

At 30 to 40 bottles of water per case, the business has stacks and stacks of multiple packs of bottled water available to fire, EMS and police departments.

Ennis said she called businesses around town to ask for donations. Bartlesville’s Lowe’s home improvement store donated an entire pallet of bottled water — amounting to around 40 to 46 cases of H2O.

“Lowe’s was so amazing. And so were our other donors, like Tractor Supply, Walmart, Homeland and Dollar General,” she said.

Miracle Ear locations across the state have held summer water drives for first responders for years.

The Bartlesville store has done it for two years since it just opened three years ago.

“We just want to acknowledge our first responders and let them know that we appreciate all they do for us,” Ennis said.

She said that anybody who would like to contribute bottled water to first responders is welcome to bring it by their office at 3019 S.E. Washington Blvd. by Sept. 15.

Ennis has called first responders throughout the area to stop by and pick up packs of bottled water for their department.

Those who have stopped by have been very grateful, she said.

“They’re out there working for us every day,” Ennis said. “This is the least we could do.”