Become the ultimate Business Analyst with this $35 training

Business Analysts use fundamental techniques in order to optimize business processes — and they earn well above the national average for doing it. According to Glassdoor, Business Analysts in the US make, on average, $68K a year. If you live in a big city like New York or San Francisco, then this price can jump up to $93K.

If you are interested in kickstarting a career as a Business Analyst, or if you simply want to become a rockstar in your current position, then an online training like The Exclusive Business Analysis Certification Bundle with Jeremy Aschenbrenner is a great place to start.

This expert-led training is broken down into 8 courses, all of which are taught by Jeremy Aschenbrenner. Aschenbrenner is a veteran Business Analyst who has completed more than 1,000 projects across a variety of industries, from health care to food and beverage. Not only is he an expert in the field, but he is also a top-rated instructor. Having taught more than 165K students, he is rated a whopping 4.5/5-stars. With him as an instructor, you won’t be learning any theoretical concepts. Instead, you will become a master of the most up-to-date, practical techniques that will transform you into the ultimate Business Analyst.

Here’s a breakdown of the bundle:

The Beginner’s Guide to Process Flowcharts: Learn how to identify and solve problems using business analysis techniques through the creation of practical process maps and flowcharts.

Business Analysis Fundamentals: Kickstart a career as a Business Analyst by first mastering the fundamentals. Learn the six project methodologies, how to properly initiate a project, and how to utilize various modeling diagrams.

Agile Fundamentals 2020: Scrum, Kanban, & Scumban: Develop an adaptive mindset through learning the basics of the most popular Agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and Scumban. Learn how to achieve success, help an organization evolve, and command a strong focus.

The Advanced Guide to Process Flowcharts: Learn to diagram the most complex business processes with easy-to-understand flowcharts. Build upon the basics you have already learned by mastering symbols, concepts, and best practices.

Identify & Define the Problem with Business Analysis: Gain an understanding of how to break down problems until you can identify their root causes in order to solve them more efficiently. Learn how to create a project proposal and transform problems into helpful projects.

Conduct a Strategy Analysis Using Business Analysis: Learn a 5-step strategy that will help you bring any big idea to life. Discover how to assess the state of an organization and properly define what success means for them.

Plan the Project as a Business Analyst: Master the project management techniques that will help you formulate a robust step-by-step project plan that will impress your team. Learn how to manage stakeholders, create a project charter, and estimate the effort required to complete the project.

User Story Masterclass: Your In-Depth Guide to User Stories: Become a User Story Expert by mastering all of the best practices such as User Story format, writing Acceptance Criteria, splitting User Stories, and handling common challenges.

This training bundle usually costs $1592, but, right now, you can slash 97% off that price for a grand total of just $34.99. How’s that for a deal?

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