Bull vs Bear: Should you invest in Indiabulls stock? Zee Business analysis reveals this!

In today’s edition of BULL Vs BEAR, Zee Business’ Senior Research Analyst Varun Dubey and Research Analyst Ashish Chaturvedi bring exclusive research on the Indiabulls Real Estate stocks. The research team brings the positives and negatives of this stock along with an expert take.

Arguing for Indiabulls Real Estate shares, Chaturvedi said the company is merging with Embassy Group which is a very positive step for the company and better growth is expected after this merge.

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Dubey countered that the oldest problem with the company is that it is always surrounded by allegations. Apart from that, there is concern about corporate governance too. And, investors do not like such stocks.

To this Chaturvedi said that it will take some time to repair the damages of so many years, for which the company is making full efforts. On the business front, there is a revival in real estate. Their business is focused on Mumbai and doing great work in commercial properties. It is expected that Mumbai real estate market will benefit from growth in both volume and price.

Countering Chaturvedi, Dubey said that the commercial business of this company is good but the volume is increasing more in the residential business. Also, the prices are expected to increase further due to higher supply in Mumbai, even in 2021 the company sold less as compared to other builders in Mumbai.

Chaturvedi further said that after selling off the promoter’s share, the rate of supply of shares in the market decreased. Apart from this, big investors have bought the stock. Plus, the stock’s valuation is cheap.

Dubey countered that valuations are cheap only because the company has sold fewer houses as compared to other companies. And apart from this, there is also a problem that the interest rates are going to increase. If this happens, then this can be a problem for this entire industry.

To this, Chaturvedi said that the company has sold fewer houses as many projects were under construction. There has been a reduction in debt and the completion of many projects will benefit. So a big turnaround can be seen, he said.

Countering to this Dubey said, there may be a big turn around but it hasn’t happened. If you look at the last quarter’s results, the company posted a decline, while other real estate companies did better. There is also concern about financial matters.

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