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900 is a boutique music management, music marketing, and tour logistics company specializing in the development of artists through digital strategy, branding, radio, video and networking.

The 900 team consists of experts in the music industry fueled with a desire to innovate and create new opportunities within an ever-changing landscape while helping artists become pioneers of their own creative destiny.

The company’s offices are located in Los Angeles and Northeastern area of Pennsylvania.

900 Management offers a wide array of tour and production managers that have experience from settings such as clubs, theaters, arenas, stadiums and festival.

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The ins and outs of the music industry are defined with numerous outlets of reaching consumers. Some of the most noteworthy marketing areas that 900 offers for bands in their development and established careers include the following:

• Press

• Radio Campaigns

• Video Campaigns and Discovery

• Social Media Campaigns and Drivers

• DSP Play listing

• Distribution


The branding for an artist is essentially the story and the creative outlet that drives the narrative to the masses and consumer. Branding for a band relates to the following aspects:

• Band Imagery

• Video Content – (Social Content, Music Videos)

• Social Media Posting

• Merchandise Design

• Album Design

900 specializes in the designing and creation of a band’s branding which is forged with their outside creative specialist and in-house team.


900 Management has worked in conjunction with major event promoters and national acts on a management, promoter, and tour management levels. Clients that 900 has been affliated with in the world field include:

• Band Management

• Another Day Dawns

• Eternal Frequency

• Tour Management

• Public Enemy

• Breaking Benjamin

• Snoop Dogg

• Body Count

• Starset

• Grabbitz

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