Commercial Solar Repairs & Maintenance

Commercial Solar Maintenance & Repairs | Platinum Solar Group

Maintenance for commercial solar panels is required, but repairs are not. If maintenance is regular, then repairs can be avoided. Commercial solar panel systems can greatly help in reducing expenses for a company or business. That’s why commercial solar service is offered by solar providers to cover commercial solar repairs & maintenance. 

How Much Does Solar Panel Maintenance Cost?

The cost will depend on the services needed by your solar panel system. For instance, annual cleaning can cost an average of $150 and solar panel repair services are at $650. Plus, additional charges for the professional fee and materials to be replaced if needed. There are solar panel maintenance cost factors such as:

Location of Solar Panel

Most solar panels are mounted on the roof, but some are mounted on the ground. If cleaning your solar requires more effort or needs to be dismounted then they have to charge you an additional cost, especially if more workers are required to do the job.  

Roof Angle 

The steeper the roof, the more effort is needed to clean it. In this case, additional charges will be paid. 

Size of Panel 

The size and number of the panels that need to be cleaned will increase the rates of the service fee. More panels need more time to clean and even more, manpower is needed.

Brand of Panel 

There are solar brands that require special tools to clean them. These kinds of panel cleaning services use their own equipment. That’s why service fees are higher. 

Condition of the Panel

Solar technicians have to inspect the condition of your solar panel before proceeding with the cleaning. If your solar panel condition is bad, and you need other services, besides cleaning. 

What Kind Of Maintenance Does My Solar Panel Need?

If you notice low output on your solar panel system, then you need to call your solar provider. You can determine a low output if the energy provided by your solar panel is not enough, and you need to take energy from the grid.

What Other Services Does My Solar Panel Need?

Apart from maintenance and cleaning, there are other services that can help improve and maintain the condition of your solar panel.

Fixing of Micro-cracks 

You might not notice, but your solar panels have micro-cracks caused by the changing weather or temperature. These micro-cracks can progress to bigger damage if not addressed immediately. During regular check-ups, your solar technicians can spot these issues. 

Loose Wiring 

Your solar panel system is connected by wires. During power interruptions, faulty wiring can occur. Make sure you are able to check your wiring every now and then, or better yet, have your solar technician check it if you notice any unusual activity on your wiring.

Discoloration on Panels 

Color changes on your panels are an indication of a need for repair. If you notice any discoloration, call your solar provider and have them check. This can affect the efficiency of your solar energy production and may even require replacement if the faults are severe. 

Inverter Replacement 

Inverters are an important part of the solar panel system since they are responsible for converting energy to usable ones. If they are damaged, conversion of energy is not possible. Make sure to check their condition and have them replaced by a professional solar technician if needed. 

Overall System Tune-ups 

There may be small parts on a solar panel system, but they also matter. Since it can affect the performance of energy production. Bolts, screws, and brackets should be in good condition to ensure the functionality of the solar panel system. Checking on all the parts can be a good way to avoid further damage. 

Commercial solar repairs & maintenance are needed to keep your solar panel system in its best condition. In this way, you can avoid too many repairs which can cost more. Having your annual regular maintenance will be best, or if you think your solar panel needs inspection, then call your solar provider immediately. They will be ready to assist you with any services you need. They know the value of your solar panel, so they want you to take care of it by calling them every time it needs some cleaning or inspection.