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Community Bank is a Leader in Small Business Banking

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business, Community Bank offers a blend of branch services and digital tools to help you manage your small business banking needs.

“We strive to grow with our clients, and we’ve got the products and services to do just that,” Jeff Bixler, the vice president of treasury management at Community Bank, said. “Our products and services are comparable to the big banks, the nuts and bolts are the same. We have all the tools small businesses need to run their business on a daily basis.”

Community Bank proudly considers themselves experts at business relationship banking. Bixler said the relationships they develop with their clients is what sets them apart from other financial institutions.

“I live and work in the community. I see my clients when I’m out in the community. I visit their businesses. They can call me directly when they need something. They have my cell phone number,” Bixler said. “That really makes all the difference.”

In an increasingly competitive business environment, Community Bank offers their small business clients a competitive edge. BusinessADVANTAGE is their comprehensive suite of commercial loans, credit accounts and cash management services, as well as special services like, online banking and free online bill pay.

Additional services include insurance services through subsidiary Exchange Underwriters, Inc., in Washington. Exchange Underwriters features a full array of insurance products and consulting services. *

Bixler said that technology continues to change the waysmall businesses engage with their customers and impacts their daily operations. While Community Bank continues to invest their time and resources into offering more tech-based services, they currently offer an expansive list of digital tools to make daily business operations easier.

“Our clients can do almost anything from their phone or computer,” Bixler said. “Everything is available at their fingertips.”

Shelia Cowieson, senior vice president market executive at Community Bank, said that they understand what the community – and local businesses – need to succeed, and that knowledge helps to build and sustain the relationships they create with clients.

“We’re at a point where we’re large enough to offer products and services that larger banks offer, but small enough to listen to our clients and customize and offer products that they need,” Cowieson said.

Cowieson said Community Bank works to simplify banking for their small business clients.

“We’re a one-stop-shop,” she said. “Once a relationship is established, we become a part of that client’s business. We help them accomplish their financial goals.”

Community Bank is a locally-managed, independent bank that offers comprehensive financial services to regional businesses and residents. Chartered by the United States in 1901 as the First National Bank of Carmichaels, Community Bank has steadily grown over the last 120 years.

Today, Community Bank continues to offer steadfast personal service, coupled with the latest in financial services and technology. From the sophisticated cash management technology available in their internet banking and sweep account products, to their comprehensive loan services, Community Bank is a refreshing and vibrant financial partner.

With offices in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, and with dedicated commercial relationship officers, Community Bank offers old-fashioned relationship banking, notable for its speed, flexibility and common sense.

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*Insurance is exclusively offered by Exchange Underwriters, Inc. Insurance products sold at Community Bank are not insured by the FDIC or any other bank insurance, are not deposits or obligations of the bank, are not guaranteed by the bank and may be subject to risk, including the loss of principal.