Dutch Startup Prestato Launches Comprehensive Business Management App Powered by vcita

SEATTLE, WA and GELEEN, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2021 / Today, Prestato launched a new app designed to empower small businesses in the Netherlands with daily appointment management, accounts receivable processes and customer communications.

The new app has been built in partnership with vcita, the Seattle-headquartered small business management platform, whose APIs and developer tools power much of Prestato’s technology.

Prestato is a complete small business management solution that provides all that small business owners need to manage their business digitally and scale to serve growing customer bases. It includes a customer communications portal; a full CRM; online appointment scheduling capabilities to reduce hassle for clients and their customers; digital payments, invoices and receipts; and digital marketing software for email newsletters, text messages, and customized promotions.

In addition, it offers local SEO promotion and digital reputation management tools, powered by Berlin-based Uberall, to create a seamless brand experience.

‘I am pleased and proud to introduce Prestato to the Netherlands,’ said Patrick Bongaerts, Product Manager at Prestato.

‘As Prestato is the new, innovative, and smart business management app that leads to increased revenue, better cashflow, improved online presence and perfect customer engagement, I can’t wait to offer this to small business owners,’ he continued. ‘Together with strong partners like vcita and Uberall, we are able to make a difference with this best-of-breed solution.’

The partnership between vcita and Prestato is an exciting opportunity for the two tech companies to bring added value to their individual customer bases, strengthening the global small business ecosystem and helping support SMB owners to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prestato is a completely rebuilt and rebranded version of the app formerly known as OIIO, which has been helping small business owners in the Netherlands to nurture their customer relationships since 2019, assisting more than 2,000 companies in the business consulting, finance, real estate, and beauty verticals.

‘We’re proud to combine our capabilities with Prestato and join together with Uberall to deliver a new, comprehensive business management app for small business owners in the Netherlands who are eager to recover and grow after the worst of the pandemic has passed,’ said Rinat Bogin, vcita’s VC Partner Development. ‘We believe that there are beautiful opportunities for small businesses to expand in the post-COVID world, as long as they have the digital tools they need.’

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation for small businesses as well as large corporations. Today, consumers expect contact-free payments for services and products, instant digital communications and self-service online appointment scheduling, and digital receipts that they can share quickly with their online banking tools. The new Prestato app delivers all the capabilities that small business owners need to meet these new customer expectations and manage a digital business.

Prestato leadership decided that with the small business world primed for post-COVID recovery, the time was right for a fresh start.

The name Prestato combines the words ‘presto,’ meaning fast, and ‘prestatie,’ meaning achievement, to express the way that the new app will help small businesses to quickly achieve their business growth goals.

About vcita

vcita helps SMBs and entrepreneurs build and manage a business they are proud of and remain competitive in the digital economy, with a business management platform that covers day-to-day needs. vcita’s cloud-based solutions help solopreneurs and small teams manage their entire business, turning time-consuming tasks like scheduling, payment collection and marketing campaigns into simple, one-click operations, from one app.

About Prestato

Prestato, formerly OIIO, makes it their mission to support small and medium-sized businesses to improve the customer experience they deliver to their clients and grow their business. Through its multifunctional business management platform, Prestato offers the support that businesses need to become successful, making it easy to manage customers, appointments, payments, marketing, and online presence anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Prestato is available as a single full-featured package at an affordable and competitive price.


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