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Enterprise Grade Low code application development platforms are in great demand. Forrester analysts expect that by 2021, low-code technologies will have been used to create 75% of all enterprise software.

The need for an agile approach to enabling teams to develop business applications more quickly while minimizing costs is the primary driver of this demand. Additionally, it may be applied across the entire company, including HR procedures like vacation requests, procurement for suppliers and partners, and project management. A low-code application platform can help with a solution to your process difficulty.


Tackling process-based challenges

The most recent Forrester study examines the economic effects of the low-code intelligent automation technology from Bizagi. Results showed that end-user efficiency improvements, cost savings, and overall business effect provided customers with an average ROI of 288%. Vendors of low-code platforms for process applications “aim to replace hefty, complicated BPM suites that require considerable upfront financial and training investments,” according to a previous Forrester analysis.

However, hiring digital talent may be expensive, and the talent pool often includes skilled programmers. Low-code offers a huge advantage in this situation because it necessitates less technical work, allowing employees already employed in the company to develop or change processes.


Empowering employees by creating citizen developers

Employee involvement through the creation of citizen developers. Business clients are given the ability to become citizen developers by low-code application platforms. Using low-code workflows, they are able to create new basic processes or alter existing ones. This saves IT time so they can focus on more complicated processes because they don’t have to go to IT to have a system recorded.

For instance, after the first release, if a business user discovers a method for making a process more effective, they can do so directly in the process model and apply the modifications to the low-code platform to adapt quickly. This can reduce development expenses and save businesses time.

Uniting Business and IT with low-code

Getting everyone on one page is essential for process change success. In businesses, this includes communication between the many silos that include establishing, in this case, Business and IT.

Low-code application platforms can bring together business users and IT, improving the links between departments, as well as encouraging citizen developers within the company.

Final Verdict:

Enterprise Grade Low code application development platform is not limited to simple apps. It currently serves as the basis for more complex enterprise apps and digital transformation solutions. As enterprises of all sizes look to achieve more in the modern era, low-code app development platforms have gained new importance!IF you want to know about Low code application development Platform for Enterprises and ISVs or Compare Low code Platform alternatives Mendix vs Outsystems vs Wavemaker and Low code Rapid application development Platform Studio

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