Everything You Need To Know About Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

What can capture the heart better than the classic and historic marquise cut diamond engagement ring?  These are diamonds cut into boat-shaped, football-shaped, eye-shaped, or navette(translates from the language to “little ship”) diamonds.

This may not be a common choice by brides for an engagement ring, but they appeal to some because of their unique shape that maximizes carat weight, giving the illusion of a much larger diamond. 

What is a Marquise-Cut Diamond?

Celebrity trends have brought the marquise-cut diamond engagement rings to the spotlight.  Although it has been in and out of the trend, this cut’s sleek sophistication makes it a classic choice for engagement rings.

The marquise-cut diamond is traditionally set vertically and is most known for its regal, elongated silhouette.  However, modern designs set this diamond shape horizontally, or east-west, along the length of the band.

Whatever the orientation of the marquise diamond on its setting, they are breathtaking shapes to behold with a certain elegance that cannot be matched.

What’s To Love About the Marquise Diamond Ring?

This less-common shape of a diamond stone has a lot to brag about.  It’s not only loved by brides who want uniqueness but celebrities as well.  That’s just one reason the Marquise diamond engagement ring is well-sought after.  We’ll let you know the other worthwhile reasons you can come to love a marquise diamond ring later on.

Sported by Celebrities

Its shape alone can capture the attention of other people that’s why celebrities also chose to sport marquise-cut diamond engagement rings.

  • Catering Zeta-Jones chose an east-west setting for her marquise cut diamond engagement ring.
  • Ashlee Simpson sports a stunning vintage-style engagement ring that features a center marquise diamond surrounded by Rubies.
  • Portia de Rossi likewise chose an east-west set on her marquise diamond engagement ring from Ellen DeGeneres with pink accent diamonds on the band.
  • Christina Milian features a double French set pave band on her marquise cut diamond engagement ring.
  • Victoria Beckham chose a marquise diamond on her original engagement ring from David.
  • Jennifer Lopez opted for a marquise diamond ring on her first marriage.

    Visual Appeal

The unique shape of the marquise cut makes its appearance longer than its actual carat weight.  The long, thin body and pointed ends of the diamond can make your fingers look longer and thinner.

It can beautifully complement long, slender fingers as well.  With the diamond’s longer appearance, your stone can look bigger than someone who buys the same carat weight in a round brilliant shape.

So, this can be a major advantage if you prioritize the size of your ring, although size is not the only concern when you are buying a diamond engagement ring.

Unique Shape

The shape of a marquise cut diamond features an elongated, football-like shape with curved sides and pointed ends with a typical length-to-width ratio of 1.75 – 2.15 range.  Cuts under 1.75 can look stockier while cuts over 2.15 can look fairly skinny.

What gives this diamond-cut beauty that you will love?  A marquise-cut diamond features two endpoints that should align with each other with the left and right sides that are mirror images of one another.  This symmetry gives this diamond-cut its unique beauty.

They Typically Cost Less

Marquise-cut diamond engagement rings typically cost less than the traditional round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight and quality.  Because this shape appears to be bigger, a smaller carat size can still make a huge impact.

Stunning With Various Wedding Bands or Settings

This highly brilliant diamond cut can be set on several wedding bands.  When it is set vertically, it maximizes the size of the diamond.  But setting it horizontally can also showcase its unique shape.

Some of the most popular options for a wedding band to suit a marquise ring include:

  • Solitaire 
  • Tension ring setting
  • Halo
  • Side stone
  • High setting
  • Curved cluster
  • Prong
  • Bezel

Looking for Inspiration?

Deciding on a marquise cut diamond engagement ring will depend on your lifestyle and preferences.  It is the same when you are choosing which setting is perfect for your marquise-cut diamond.  Make sure that the setting you choose provides the protection that a marquise-cut stone would need.