HONK Launches Advanced Business Management Tools for Towing Professionals

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HONK Technologies, the industry-leading digital roadside assistance and vehicle transport platform company, today announced a new Partner Performance Dashboard designed specifically for tow truck business owners. The new dashboard enables tow business owners to quickly and easily track key performance indicators (KPIs) all in one place.

The HONK Partner Dashboard gives service providers complete transparency into how their business is performing on HONK towing and roadside assistance jobs. Partners can now view their companies’ completed jobs performance, track their year-to-date revenue and monitor customer ratings for each of their drivers.

HONK’s Partner Performance Dashboard includes five performance-based metrics:

  • Availability to take jobs
  • Tracking enabled on the HONK Partner App
  • Job completion rate
  • On-time (meeting estimated time of arrivals – ETAs)
  • Quality of service

With the largest GPS-enabled network of service vehicles in the U.S. and Canada, tow truck professionals who join the HONK Partner Network are able to innovate faster and move their businesses into the digital age.  HONK is one of the few towing and roadside companies to offer free partner resources, exclusive discounts, performance-based benefits, industry education, and podcasts, along with access to real-time metrics that tow owners and operators need to more effectively manage their businesses.

HONK Forms a True Partnership With its Network of Tow Providers
In 2021, HONK experienced record growth  — Q3 was the company’s biggest volume quarter in its history. Motorists have returned to the roads in force post-pandemic, and strong growth in towing and roadside is expected for 2022. Tow professionals face economic and business challenges that have and will continue to affect their level of profitability. It’s vital for them to find partners like HONK that empower a more efficient workflow to keep operational costs down and set their businesses up for exponential growth driven by the increased demand for digital roadside solutions.

HONK manages numerous towing and roadside assistance programs for top insurance carriers, automotive OEMs, and fleet management companies. HONK’s insurance-compliant, background-checked, and high-performing service provider Partner Network is a key element of HONK’s success. HONK treats tow providers as true partners, providing them with complete transparency into each job and payment in just 27 minutes, on average. HONK’s proprietary proximity-based dispatch algorithm ensures the closest, best-performing provider from the network is dispatched quickly, most estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) are under 33 minutes. That’s about 50% faster than traditional services, which ensures that customers are happier and increases their brand loyalty.

“We’re able to provide motorists with the best level of service in the industry because of the strong relationships we’ve built with our network of more than 108,000 towing vehicles across the country,” said Corey Brundage, CEO and Founder at HONK. “This new dashboard will provide our tow partners with even more transparency about their KPIs, giving them near real-time information so they can better track their quality of service and performance.”

To view a video on the Partner Performance dashboard, visit https://vimeo.com/636471202

About HONK Technologies
HONK, a flexible on-demand mobility platform, helps top insurers, fleets, automotive OEMs and retailers deliver modern, digital roadside customer experiences and meet scalable same-day vehicle transport demands. HONK’s digital-first, modular approach is designed to optimize roadside assistance programs, auto claims processing, accident scene management, fleet maintenance management, vehicle logistics and transport, so businesses can increase efficiencies through advanced digital tools, customizable integrations, and HONK’s high-performing service provider network to build brand-defining retention and loyalty engines.
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