How a Funded Proposal Can Fund Your MLM Business

How a Funded Proposal Can Fund Your MLM Business

A funded proposal is a concept based on charging your prospects a low-priced product or service on the front end to cover your advertising and marketing expenses, and then back-ending the real product or opportunity.

Offering a useful product on the front end, not only allows you to stay in the game longer, but it also generates attraction between you and your leads. People only do business with those who they feel are a leader. If you are the first one to teach your prospects a particular concept, you will become the expert in their eyes.

Most small businesses fund their business with loans and grants, however most MLM’ers try to fund their business with cash out of their own pockets. Most people run of money before they go into profit. This is why offering a funded proposal on the front end is smart way to build your business.

It doesn’t matter how good your prospecting and closing skills are, 95% of people you come across still will say no to your primary mlm business.

But with a funded proposal you can still profit off of the people who say no.

Five basic benefits of a funded proposal are:

1. The sales of your product funds your marketing costs and gets you into positive cash flow immediately.
2. Sponsoring existing customers is much easier than trying to sponsor a complete stranger.
3. You are position as an expert in your particular field, and people will want to do business with you.
4. You are training and educating your prospects which in turn can be long life business partners and you have created a relationship that can outlast any business.
5. Your new business partners gets into profit fast thus increasing your retention rate.

This is how the “internet gurus” do business and this is the smart way to do business. A proper funded proposal system will generate more leads, more cash flow, which means you can sponsor more reps.

For the exact funded proposal system I use, follow the “MLM success funnel” link in the resource box below.

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