India’s leading news portal Business Upturn conducts survey on gender bias

MUMBAI, India, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To get a better understanding of the organisation’s work culture, leading Indian news publisher Business Upturn recently conducted a company survey. It was aimed at knowing the point of view of females who are part of the media group.

The survey mainly focused on aspects like equal treatment on the basis of gender, colour cast, safe work environment, equal opportunities for men and women, treatment by senior employees as well as male counterparts. Responses were gathered not only from the presently employed workers but also the ones who have left – ex-employees.

The results showed that 99% of women feel safe, confident and strong as part of the Business Upturn team. 100 percent said that they were never treated on the basis of their gender, colour or caste. 100 percent felt the environment to be safe for them. Also, no employee complained about getting lesser opportunities as compared to male employees. On the question of ‘whether female employees get equal priority as compared to males’, 94.6 per cent said yes while 5.3 per cent chose to go with ‘may be’. 

Vipul Sipani, founder of the company, while talking about the survey said, “I strongly feel that a healthy work culture leads to satisfied employees and increased productivity. As head of the organisation, it’s my responsibility to be aware of my employees’ needs and feelings towards the company. We at Business Upturn have a women-first policy and we ensure that they get good, healthy and creative environment to enhance their creative writing talents as well as business acumen. This survey was the first step in that direction and we hope to carry this torch of women empowerment in years to come.”

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