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Joel Libava on Looking for the Perfect Franchise Opportunity


We can all identify prosperous franchises like McDonald’s and Dunkin’, but would it shock you to learn these in all probability aren’t the options probable franchise house owners should really be wanting at these days?

In this most up-to-date episode of Tiny Biz in :15, The Franchise King  Joel Libava tells us about the latest franchise trends and provides suggestions about the best strategies of analyzing franchise options.

Here’s an edited transcript from the present. You can check out the complete interview over or verify out the SoundCloud participant down below to have a pay attention.

Franchise vs. Small business Opportunities: Which Ought to You Pick out?

Shawn Hessinger: Joe, if you are an entrepreneur and you’re looking for a business enterprise prospect, why could you choose a franchise rather than starting a enterprise from scratch, for illustration?

Joel Libava: Most folks notify me that they want to get into a franchise since they want to get into a enterprise which is nearly prepared to go.

On the other hand, most people today definitely are not a good in good shape for franchising because a lot of of them don’t like regulations. They never like the thought of adhering to a 350-web site operations guide, staying not able to market everything in addition to what you are meant to be marketing, and so forth. So, there is not a good deal of creativeness involved.

Shawn Hessinger: How do you decide mainly when you are asking this query about whether or not you ought to commence a company or not? We talked about why persons may select, but how do you come to a decision regardless of whether franchising is the proper solution for you? What queries should you request on your own in advance of you even get to the stage of saying, I want to get a franchise?

Joel Libava: Nicely, the initially one particular is the rules question. Are you going to comply with the guidelines? And you will need to seem at your previous historical past. In your occupation, ended up you a rule follower or did you like generating the guidelines? And this is a thing that you require to be actually black and white about. If you are declaring, “Well, I’ll be content to comply with the policies as long as I like them,”…eh…not so superior.

You also have to have to devote some time finding out about the franchise business product alone, what it involves, and the strengths, and negatives. And you must say to on your own, “Self, there is some danger involved.” Just for the reason that it’s a franchise doesn’t suggest it is chance-cost-free.

You also will need to do your internet value assertion. You need to figure out a finances. You need to make absolutely sure you have more than enough funds. I like to see a $450K-$500K net really worth, with the capability to create a check out for about $75K of your possess money prior to you get an SBA personal loan, or whatsoever bank loan you want to get. So budget, make sure you’re going to follow the procedures. Comprehend that there is possibility included. It’s not hazard-absolutely free. And at last, be organized to work tougher than you at any time worked prior to. In the commencing, at least.

Shawn Hessinger: If you’re heading to do this, why not go with franchises and manufacturers that have a actually recognized historical past

Joel Libava: Nicely, the to start with reason would be that no territory is left in your region.

There might be a Dunkin Donuts that is fifty percent a mile down the road and yet another a person that is a mile and a 50 percent and the spot may well be offered out. So that would be a single rationale why you may perhaps want to be open up to additional than likely just for a manufacturer identify.

The second purpose is that lots of men and women like to be 1st. You want to be they want to be ground flooring very first in their regional community.

Shawn Hessinger: Speaking of new franchises, what are some you can matters off the leading of your head…some new franchise chances that folks may possibly not even be informed of? Or even extra broadly, what are probably some of the most popular franchise traits ideal now?

Joel Libava: Nicely, here’s a trend in one term: shipping. Whichever organization you purchase, regardless of what franchise chance you choose you will invest in, make sure they produce for the reason that of the pandemic. I signify, supply was presently warm because of Amazon. But now if you don’t produce the solution you offer, you’re very a lot lost.

Brand name-intelligent, there are a few of new opportunities that are really cool. A close friend of mine, Greg George, who has launched several ideas, is now included in a peach cobbler manufacturing unit. There have been like a hundred franchise agreements signed in just a few of yrs. Which is large! It’s a dessert franchise, about $100K-$120K overall investment decision.  It begun in the South, but they are starting to broaden. You know, that is a “hot” franchise.

There’s another one particular named Pure Eco-friendly, which is basically in the healthy, rapidly-foods taking in period, and they are starting up to improve a tiny little bit.

The problem that I normally check with people when they are wanting at food items, you know, is, “Are you seeking at some thing that is heading to last a extended time or are you on the lookout at something that is heading to be two many years in and out?” You don’t want that. So you have to make confident it is not a trend. To make positive it’s sustainable, there is sector study knowledge you can do. You can go on the Tiny Biz Trend’s internet site. There is things on food items that is more healthy, so seem at the trends.

What to Glimpse for in a Franchise Chance

Shawn Hessinger: How do you look at these tendencies and say that a person franchise may possibly be a flash in the pan and the some others obtained staying electric power? What are some pointers you’d use? 

Joel Libava: Say I was hunting at a franchise opportunity that I’m thrilled about, I mean bodily and psychologically psyched about, my initial thing is to just take a deep breath and get the emotion out of it. You focus on the enterprise design alone.

Just one fantastic supply to gauge the franchise possibility is to go to the Small Company Advancement Centre in close proximity to you. They have all kinds of stats and knowledge on traits. Ask them about the newer principle you’re hunting at. They can find out things that you cannot due to the fact they’ve been executing it for a extensive time.

You can also do it on your have do an on the internet research working with your favorite lookup motor of the type of thought it is, probably the meals it is, whatever, and developments. As very simple as that, you’re heading to obtain stuff that you never ever even considered of. At times franchises get seriously scorching and they expand far too rapidly. So be watchful of that. Be cautious of that mainly because that could be a flash in the pan–or it could be a property operate.

For any individual hunting at a younger franchise notion, the place there are not a lot of franchisees, you will need to commit a handful of times at headquarters to see if you can genuinely get the legitimate vision the CEO has about the model and its upcoming and see if there is a support method in place. Inquiries to inquire: Do they have technology? Do they have a technologies office? How is their advertising? Shell out a few times at their headquarters and you could get the answer.

Shawn Hessinger: How do you pick the franchises that have the greatest profit opportunity?

Joel Libava: Let us say you’re searching at a food stuff franchise and you have some meals industry history, which is preferable. You know what the margins are in food items and you could determine it out effortlessly.

Also, the CEO or the founder is aware what the margins are. So there are techniques to come across out what the margins are. You just have to be genuinely superior at inquiring thoughts.


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