Land The Right Travel Nursing Job In Chicago

How to get started in travel nursing as a new graduate

Getting a travel nurse job can be the start of your journey towards exploring the world or making your dreams come true. Like getting assigned to Chicago which is known for its architectural landmarks, one of these is the Willis Tower that everyone makes sure to see when they visit this state. Chicago travel nursing jobs by Gifted Healthcare  can make that dream come true by contacting them and discussing the details on how to become one of their travel nurses. This is your chance to land the right travel nursing job in Chicago.

What Hospitals In Chicago Currently Have Travel Nursing Job Opportunities?

There are a lot of hospitals that are looking for travel nurses to hire. All you have to do is get qualified or if you are qualified choose a travel nurse agency to work with, and you can get assigned to a Chicago hospital in no time. Your travel nurses are more familiar with the hospital who they have partnered with ,and they can choose one for you or the good thing is you can choose or decline in case you are not comfortable with the hospital where they will be assigning you. 

What Are The Best Agencies For Travel Nursing Jobs In Chicago?

Best agencies can be classified according to what they offer, you can check on the following factors before choosing your travel nurse agency:

Agency’s Reputation 

Travel nurse agencies have their own websites where you can check their profiles to get to know them better. Another way of checking on a travel agency’s reputation will be researching in the top listed travel nurse agency, seeing their rank can tell you how they work with their nurses. Positive feedback from nurses can make travel nurse agencies ranked up. Read more about your prospect travel nurse agencies and compare who has a better offer as well as positive feedback. 

License and Permits 

Travel nurse agencies who are legit should be able to present licenses and permits . Licenses are important , in Chicago a travel nurse agency can not operate without the proper documents and certifications. Dealing with a legal travel nurse agency is important to avoid getting into trouble in the future.  

Details on Compensation and Benefits

Knowing how much a travel nurse agency can pay you will be a basis for you to know if it’s worth it. Most travel nurse agencies publish their rates and all you have to do is do your research and compare what each agency offers. 

How Much Do Chicago Travel Nurses Make?

The average pay for  nursing jobs in Chicago is $36.72 per hour. The rate however will depend on the specialization of the nurse, the experience and  other factors. Overtime pay is higher than the hourly rate that’s why most nurses find it good if they get to extend their shifts. Apart from the basic salary other monetarial benefits are given such referral bonuses. If a nurse referred a qualified travel nurse they will get a referral bonus from the agency at the same time they can tag along their friends with them as their workmate to avoid getting lonely. To add more to your income you can also pick up extra shifts. 

What are the Things You Can Do In Chicago?

The best part of being a travel nurse is you can balance work and pleasure. In your  free time you can go around Chicago and enjoy the places and activities that you can do. You can go cruising on the Chicago River to see the highlights of downtown. Do you love pizza? If yes then you will love their world-famous deep-dish pizza.Another place to visit is the Magnificent Mile , it is a 13-block long shopping district. You can see all the things you want to buy in this block or find something unique to buy as a souvenir. Getting assigned to Chicago bane makes you know more about Chicago Illinois.Their culture ,  their lifestyle and everything about people and places. 

Land the right travel nursing job In Chicago by joining a travel nurse agency who can bring you there.Being a travel nurse can help you grow personally and professionally. Living in Chicago during your travel nurse assignment can teach you lessons about life and your career can broaden by learning new skills and techniques in the medical field.