2022 Marketing Technology Landscape (MartechMap)

Marketing Technology Landscape 2022: search 9,932 solutions on martechmap.com

2022 Marketing Technology Landscape (MartechMap)

It is #MartechDay!

I’m delighted to last but not least share with you the 2022 promoting engineering landscape, a joint manufacturing amongst myself and Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe (and a whole bunch of great contributors). Listed here are the essential items you want to know:

The wild-and-ridiculous 11-calendar year progression of the martech landscape appears like this:

Martech Landscapes, 2011-2022

Or, if you choose a extra quantitative see of the 6,521% expansion above all those 11 a long time:

Martech Landscape Growth, 2011 to 2022

We retired the moniker “Martech 5000”, which experienced quickly develop into a misnomer. This 12 months it would have been just about the Martech 10,000! Instead, we’ve renamed this undertaking “Martech Map” because…

We have released a new interactive internet site at martechmap.com, no cost to use, that lets you lookup, kind, and filter the whole landscape. You can search by search phrase. You can filter by a vendor’s HQ country. You can rearrange the display, zoom in, and even build a PDF of your very own.

Disclaimer: the web-site is nevertheless in beta, so please bear with us as a result of any tough edges.

Visit MartechMap.com

You can also contribute to the info established — and remember to do! Locate anything erroneous in the facts? Missing vendor? Vendor that is altered types or gone absent? Permit us know. We contemplate this a group task, and we gladly celebrate all of the contributors to it.

The significant scale and swift charge of adjust of the martech market and the prosperity of options inside of it was no for a longer period well-served by a once-a-calendar year, static graphic. It’s a stage in time, which is fascinating to see yr-above-year. But we want this group resource to be anything that is up to date on a more ongoing foundation.

By now developing the graphic algorithmically, it’s straightforward to launch updates in a issue of minutes — vs . the darkish ages of hand-putting little logos manually on a slide (hats off to you, Anand Thaker and Jeff Eckman, for all your prior support with that!). By applying a vendor’s favicon from their website, which we can refresh at any time, we also help you save both ourselves and distributors from the angst of out-of-date logos.

The aesthetic is various with this grid of favicon logos, but the practical added benefits of fast updates weigh heavily in its favor. Just as each and every other part of promoting and martech is evolving, so much too should really the martech landscape.

Point out of Martech 2022 Report

Of training course, a person of the perennial reactions to the martech landscape is: how can there be so several distributors? How has this current market not consolidated nevertheless? Surely it is destined to collapse, any minute now, appropriate?

These are good questions to talk to. I talk to them myself all the time.

It’s truly worth noting that 972 sellers from the 2020 landscape have been eradicated for 2022, either thanks to staying obtained or some less pleased exit from the market place. That’s 12% churn from two yrs back! The martech landscape does consolidate.

But at the same time, new distributors keep moving into the marketplace (and a lot more who have been in the market preserve acquiring uncovered in our ongoing research). When 972 suppliers ended up removed, a whopping 2,904 suppliers were included, which introduced the web whole from 8,000 to 9,932.

Frans and I have several products and theses that offer you some explanation to these dynamics that we see in the market. This year, we have incorporated them — along with a bunch of other excellent facts about stack adoption styles — in a Point out of Martech 2022 report.

It is no cost for you to obtain (fully ungated):

State of Martech 2022 Report

(As a bonus, the report also consists of all of the entries to The Stackies 2022: Promoting Tech Stack Awards, so you can overview examples of how other businesses have combined martech alternatives in their marketing stacks.)

The investigation for this job and the accompanying report was generously supported by these six sponsors. We would kindly really encourage you to check them out:

In addition, we’ve developed a “gratitude graphic” that reflects the many contributors to the martech landscape data set. We hope you will join them for a foreseeable future update that features contributions you make your mind up to make.

Martech Map 2022 Contributors

Merry #MartechDay to you — I hope you enjoy this new graphic, report, and interactive site.

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