Opinion – Why business management outsourcing has never been so vital

By Michael Field, managing director, Workflo Solutions

THE pandemic brought a shift in outsourcing managed services when businesses had to think long and hard about their priorities and goals. This has frequently led to calls from industry sectors to reshape their practices to embrace the post-pandemic world. We’re all – slowly – getting back to normal work patterns, but the implications of the last eighteen months or so, are still being keenly felt in some sectors.

Outsourcing, generally, has become more valued than ever, with a large majority of businesses in the UK reportedly expected to outsource at the same level or more over the next two years and, unsurprisingly, the main reason, for doing so, in terms of their IT, Cloud and other vital resource requirements, is to save on staff overheads.

Businesses have therefore used this opportunity to reduce operating costs, introduce new, leaner ways of working, focus on innovation, and improve their productivity.  Their need to outsource managed services such as data management, cloud specialist print, and documentation management, has never been more vital requirement to maintain connectivity between departments, suppliers and external customers and optimise marketing communications, volume printing, IT Support, and other core services.

At the centre of all this is the reason why business continuity is so important, and outsourcing is the catalyst to ensure that momentum is maintained.

As we know, in the past year, organisations had to find ways to invoke a recovery from the dark phase of low business and lost opportunities. This was much more than disaster recovery and businesses had to respond to the fluctuations in business growth and be focused on business continuity. 

I steadfastly believe that outsourcing vital managed services is helping organisations – both large and small – to focus on getting their pre-pandemic operational strength back.  We’re taking the everyday ‘churn’ out of their core administrative responsibilities to partner over 1000 business customers across the country.

No one had expected the sudden challenges, surprises, and disruptions of 2020/21. The impact of the pandemic is still unnerving many sectors. and sadly, did push many businesses to the wall. Resilience builds from focusing on the business and leave outsourcing of core services to external expertise. It’s unquestionably a good way to move forward and build a foundation for the future.