Outlier AI Revolutionizes Business Analysis by Bringing

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Outlier AI, the leading automated business analysis (ABA) platform, today released new features that enable users to move from automated AI-generated insights to deep data analysis with a single click. Designed around the way teams already work, analyze, and share their business data, the new features streamline analysis processes across the organization.

Outlier is used by leading brands to automatically analyze multiple large data sources to uncover and explain unexpected changes in their business. The new Outlier features enable users to more quickly investigate these insights further by seamlessly connecting to existing CRM systems, BI and other internal tools, and raw data sources. Customers can now export insights found by Outlier as a PDF, image, CSV, and SQL query, in addition to clicking from an Outlier story directly into a filtered view in their data visualization BI tools.

Collections, another important new feature, lets users group related stories into a single board so they can easily view and track multiple stories related to a specific business initiative, KPI or any other subject they define. This gives users a single view to see historical developments over time and all of the different story types that relate to the subject they are interested in. For example, Outlier customers used Collections to group insights related to Black Friday sales in 2021 and better collaborate about both the performance on promotions on Black Friday and the sales impacts of those promotions over the following days. Outlier supports an unlimited number of user-created Collections where users can add notes, upload images or links from outside sources, share with other users and track ongoing actions. Collections help streamline how users organize and share data insights across their organization — driving greater collaboration and communication of critical business developments.

“With these new features, Outlier is moving the analytics bar to ‘Activated Insights’,” said Sean Byrnes, CEO of Outlier. “Insights, until recently, have been information provided to a user who is then responsible for taking an action. With our Activated Insights, Outlier not only tells the user what is happening, but gives them a variety of ways to take specific actions on the insight immediately.”

With the ability to export to SQL, users can recreate the exact metric, segment and value shown in the Outlier story and use it as a starting point to write their own queries providing an even faster human-led investigation of an Outlier story. Outlier includes pre-built connectors to 19 SQL databases, including Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, SQL server and many others. Additionally, users can click directly from an Outlier story to an automatically filtered view in their analytics dashboard. These new capabilities support analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Qlik, Google Ads, Amazon Quicksight, Adobe Analytics and Looker.

All features are available immediately to all new and existing Outlier customers.

About Outlier AI

Outlier.ai, based in Oakland, California, helps marketers, data analysts and supply chain operators across consumer, financial services, retail, and other industries identify unexpected changes within critical business data. The Outlier automated business analysis platform uncovers unexpected patterns and relationships using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms and communicates them in a simple, collaborative format that accelerates business action and decision-making. With its library of data connectors, organizations can integrate Outlier with existing data sources within minutes, allowing leaders to gather business insights quickly, identify potential opportunities, and address the unexpected.

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