Peak Experience – Money, Wealth, and Prosperity by Dr Lloyd Glauberman

Money, wealth, and prosperity – these are some of the best things in life. For most people, money is a big problem, not because of what it is, but because of the lack thereof. Without money, your children will starve and you will be homeless. In Peak Experience – Money, Wealth, and Prosperity, Dr. Glauberman uses specialized techniques that literally hypnotize your subconscious mind without realizing it.

The use of Hypno-peripheral therapy is what helps bring forth positive results. It is accomplished by offering a number of positive suggestions by telling a series of stories at the same time. The human mind is naturally programmed to digest these stories, but is fortunately (at least in this case) unable to. The conscious mind is then overloaded and then both the body and mind are put into a deep, relaxed, unconscious state.

The way that your mind perceives the information once this process occurs is entirely different from the way it attempts to perceive everyday information. The overriding of your conscious mind is achieved by utilizing dual induction sensory overload techniques. This is something that occurs all of the time in real, everyday life, but unfortunately, provides the mind with a negative message that creates doubt, anxiety, fear, and produces failure and inaction.

The messages provided are positive and denote positive messages to the brain. It is recommended that while listening to Peak Experience – Money, Wealth, and Prosperity that you wear a pair of headphones so that you can better hear the gentle calm voices along with the relaxing music in the background. The gentle voices and calm music will help to guide you into a much more relaxed state of consciousness and help you to unlock the gateway to your subconscious mind, putting the power of your future in your own hands.

People who do not have enough money are always stressed out. They can’t see the forest for the trees. Instead of thinking about their future, they are unable to because they are too busy thinking about how they will make their next buck, rather than their next fortune. People who are truly prosperous don’t worry about how the next bill will get paid or whether or not they will have a place to live the next wee. They know how to make money, and even better, they understand how to attain prosperity in all areas of life.

Peak Experience – Money, Wealth, and Prosperity focuses on utilizing Dr. Glauberman’s 30 years of experience to help produce successful and positive changes in your life. Each series lasts approximately 30 minutes and provides all the helpful tips and information needed in order for you to start making real changes in your life right now.

At last, there are no more worries about money and the direction you are headed in. Because of the techniques used, you are personally able to find the answers yourself, identify your goals, and put all your thoughts into action because your mind and way of thinking has been changed. Old thought patterns are tossed out the window, paving the way for the change you need to create a brighter future for yourself.

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