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TORONTO, Dec. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sage, the market leader for cloud business management solutions, today announced the Sage Partner Cloud Program in the U.S. and Canada. The program enables partners to deploy and customize their customers’ Sage 300 product online, which supports them on their journey to the cloud, at a pace that suits them and their business.

Sage Partner Cloud will optimize Sage customers’ ability to work remotely while controlling costs, on both a short- and long-term basis. It is especially useful as a digital solution for businesses that are re-evaluating the ways in which they manage in the COVID-19 economy.

Sage Partner Cloud allows our partners to deploy Sage 300 more quickly on the Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling them to fully tailor the deployment and manage ISV add-ons to meet the customer’s unique needs.

Sage Partner Cloud provides key benefits:

  • Flexibility: Sage partners can provide integrations with other applications and customizations to create bespoke business management solutions that support their exact needs.
  • Security: Sage customers can have confidence that their data is protected via Microsoft Azure security, which is reputable and reliable.
  • Time savings: Sage Partner Cloud, leveraging the Sage Provisioning Portal, automates the deployment of Sage 300 in the cloud, creating less disruption and saving time as customers transition along the digital journey.
  • Cost effectiveness: Customers can continue to use Sage 300, reducing training and project costs as well as avoiding business disruption.

“Today more than ever, the ability to work anytime, anywhere, and access business-critical information is imperative,” said Nancy Harris, EVP and Managing Director, Sage North America. “The Sage Partner Cloud program helps our customers migrate to the cloud on their terms, at their pace, with the Sage Business Management Solutions they know and trust.”

“Sage Partner Cloud makes the digitization journey easy for our customers, improving quality of service and ensuring business continuity at a time when they are seeking to future-proof their business,” said Nancy Tichbon, Managing Director, Sage Canada. “As customers look to broaden the scope of products, they can work with their partner to build in customization or ISV solutions, all in the cloud. And through the power of automation, the solution can be deployed in as little as 60 minutes.” 

“Today’s leading companies are embracing the cloud at a faster rate than ever before,” said Peter Ribeiro, President, Impac Solutions Inc. “For our Sage 300 customers who are using Office 365 in their business, the Sage Partner Cloud program provides an easy path to the cloud through Microsoft Azure. We are excited about how the new program will benefit partners by enabling reliability and business continuity that will reap both time and cost savings.”

Sage Partner Cloud is powered by the Sage Provisioning Portal, a web portal that provides a one-stop shop for the administration of a partner’s hosted customer base, dramatically simplifying the administrative overhead. 

Sage Partner Cloud and the Provisioning Portal will be available in other markets in coming months.

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