Smart Business Management Software ‘Synder’ Processed A Stunning $1 Billion Worth Amount of Transactions for E-Commerce in 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Synder (, a smart business app, approaches the end of 2020 with a stunning figure of $1 billion in e-commerce transactions processed through Synder, crosses the 1000+ customer reviews threshold on the QuickBooks App Store, and transforms the way e-commerce bookkeeping is done.

Transforming e-commerce bookkeeping for accountants and business owners

In 2020, Synder launched its first e-commerce integration extending its functionality to encompass Shopify. Integrations with Amazon, eBay, and Ecwid followed shortly thereafter. It helped Synder respond to the needs of business owners and accountants that work in the e-commerce sphere by drastically enhancing the bookkeeping for e-commerce transactions with an easy synchronization and automated financial records management for multiple e-commerce platforms and payment systems.

Processing e-commerce transactions for $1 billion in total

This step towards covering the needs of e-commerce businesses for fast and accurate bookkeeping proved to pay well. In just four months since the launch of the first e-commerce integration, the total sum of e-commerce transactions processed through the app since September reached $1 billion. This confirms the market need for an automation solution and paves the way for future e-commerce integrations.

Getting 1000+ QuickBooks App Store reviews

This year, Synder passed another milestone, reaching and crossing the threshold of 1000+ customer reviews on the QuickBooks marketplace. It placed the app in the same category as not only the top-rated but also the most popular QuickBooks apps. Besides, the app is receiving a plethora of 5-star reviews at various review sites, such as Capterra, G2, Trustpilot

“It’s been an incredibly challenging year for all of us. We are grateful to our customers for their vote of confidence and support. Their feedback and insights have always inspired the Synder team for more ideas on how to improve the app and do more for our users, providing a unique experience that is unforgettable and impossible to copy,” says the CEO Michael Astreiko.

The solution helps to save about 8 hrs a week on bookkeeping and reconcile much faster by importing the data with a high level of detail. On top of exceptional customer experience, an excellent support service makes Synder stand out from an array of similar business apps.

The most outstanding Synder features include:

  • Recording and managing transactions from multiple e-commerce and online payment systems, such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Stripe, PayPal, and more in QuickBooks or Xero accounting. It also allows for automating ongoing and historical transaction data import into the accounting software in the background, keeping the books up-to-date and freeing hands for other business-critical tasks.
  • Downloading online payments data with all necessary details, including taxes, processor fees, shipping, discounts, and more to ensure better categorization of transactions, more accurate tax and sales reporting, and easier reconciliation with no need to recheck the records for a mismatch.
  • 100% protection from bookkeeping mistakes thanks to the Rollback function that allows undoing any erroneous syncs in bulk and a Duplicate Detector that prevents duplicate book entries. 

To learn more details about how Synder can help your business, you can schedule a free online demo. For the latest news and updates about Synder, please follow CloudBusiness Inc., the parent company, on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

About Synder and CloudBusiness Inc.

CloudBusiness Inc is a fintech software company founded in 2016. It creates solutions for accounting automation and management of business finances for small and mid-size businesses. 

Synder – is a powerful business management software that is among the top-rated applications on the market, gathering tons of positive reviews on the QuickBooks App Store, Capterra, and Trustpilot. The team behind it participated and won the 2018 London Small Biz Hackathon with a business workflow automation app and was among the Top-10 QuickBooks App Showdown finalists in 2018-2019. Get more details at

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