Supply chain issues impacting small business owners in Denver

DENVER (KDVR) — White House officials and lawmakers on Capitol Hill are mulling ideas on how to hold Russian hackers accountable following a cyberattack that caused major headaches at JBS USA Holdings, Inc. – the world’s largest meat supplier.

There are a host of reasons for current supply chain issues in the United States impacting small business owners. For a few weeks, Serene Cuisine of India near the University of Denver campus has been trying desperately to find lamb legs.

“We are not getting the kind of lamb legs we use to serve our guests for which we are known,” said owner Amar Sarma.

Sarma said his typical go-to location, Costco, is out of the product.

Last week, a supply representative was not able to locate a single case of the meat that makes up 40% of Serene’s orders, according to Sarma.

 “We are in a huge shortage of lamb legs,” Sarma explained.

Meanwhile, Oneida Liquors in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood has been battling supply chain issues on and off for months.

“We might get it next week, and then that next week … it never comes in,” said liquor store co-owner Raju Zautam.

Zautam is forced to buy in bulk when possible, requiring extra room for storage.

As the country and world get back to normal there are many factors at play. An unusual labor force paired with supply-and-demand unpredictability combine to create a perfect storm of complication for small business owners.

Business owners expressed optimism, however, that markets will stabilize as society settles into the latest phase of the pandemic.