Team-Oriented Shaker Collects $2M In Seed Funding After Strong Q3

Real estate transaction and communications technology company Shaker announced it has released a new app for the individual agent called Shaker Agent.

Real estate technology company Shaker has released a new app, called, Shaker Agent. The company shared the news exclusively with Inman.

Last month, the company announced it had secured another $2 million in funding.

Although Shaker’s solution is designed around helping teams and brokerages manage transactions, Shaker Agent will focus on the individual users, empowering them to stay in touch with clients, better control contacts and daily schedules, and handle transaction details, including documents, milestones, and tasks.

The app will link to Shaker’s flagship browser application. Users of both major mobile operating systems can now download Shaker Agent.

Although not designed to function as a full-fledged CRM, each iteration of Shaker helps agents stay on top of recent contacts and current deals.

The company has quickly rolled out new features and products since being spun out of a Minneapolis startup incubator in 2020. Its latest round of updates to its transaction management offerings was in October.

In June, Shaker announced new data partnerships with more than 100 multiple listing services to help users quickly populate listing data, social media marketing features and automated lead texting.

Teams continue to be a growing force in the industry, gaining the attention of national franchises, curious top producers and technology vendors. One specific company, Side, has based its business model on acquiring and propping up teams with branding, tech and business support.

Overall, Shaker’s UI/UX is themed around displaying content relevant to its respective function, eschewing feature-bloat for stripped-down, fast access to contact, deal and listing information. It continues to be honed.

Shaker has also started to market to smaller independent brokerages.

“We are definitely starting to see attention coming from independent brokerages,” Shaker CEO and co-founder Chris Lucas told Inman in October. “Many, which are essentially small teams, are looking for software that isn’t complex and bloated like most of the software built in the last five-10 years.”

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