The top 7 change management tools

Over the past few years, change has accelerated in the workplace — especially during and in the post-COVID-19 environment. Change — whether motivated by technical initiatives or otherwise — can impact people and processes significantly, complicating how work gets done.

Change management is a discipline that combines processes, tools, and goal-oriented models, such as ADKAR, to guide organizations through the changes necessary to achieve business goals. 

Effective change management involves three broad phases: preparing for change, implementing and managing a change plan, and reinforcing the desired change by gathering and analyzing feedback, identifying gaps and managing issues, and adjusting changes as needed. Along the way, change management tools can be deployed to help reduce confusion and uncertainty, as well as aid in communicating the impact of changes throughout your organization.

The following seven change management tools can assist your organization in planning, mapping, managing, tracking, and reporting organizational changes that result from change management initiatives, major projects, personnel changes — or other factors. With most teams working remotely today and into the future, change management tools are a must-have for teams to effectively and efficiently manage workflows and communication.

ChangeGear Change Manager

ChangeGear by Sunview Software use advanced automation and workflows to support teams through significant, complex changes in business processes. It also simplifies change and release management processes to help companies meet their auditing and compliance requirements.

ChangeGear’s key features include:

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