This project management training will help streamline your business and make you standout

TLDR: The Complete Project Management eBook and Video Course Bundle gets you familiar with key tools in executing a company’s critical project management initiatives.

Management has most often been associated with soft skills, all those non-technical abilities that impact how you interact with co-workers, solve problems and navigate through the political side of your professional life.

But when you dig into the tenets of project management, you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually chock full of hard skills. Because to know how to successfully lead a project from ideation through to successful completion, there are plenty of systems and processes and basic resource management structures that you need to understand.

The Complete Project Management eBook and Video Course Bundle starts breaking down those areas, offering students a full roster of resources to master for managing projects effectively and delivering the right results. Right now, the training is $29.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals.

This collection creates a giant personal library of project management do’s and don’ts, including seven ebooks and eight hours of video content outlining how to use some of the most important tools available to a PM to find the answers they seek.

For project tracking, there may be no system more powerful or more popular than the Agile based Jira. That explains why a solid half of this entire package focuses on all the steps for running a successful project in the Jira framework. Video courses Creating and Running an Agile Project in JIRA and Jira 8 Recipes offer almost 7 hours of training in how to use Jira for everything from planning and tracking to establishing a workflow to maintaining contact with team members and stakeholders throughout the process. 

If Jira isn’t your thing, the ServiceNow IT Operations Management video covers how that cloud platform can help PMs manage digital workflows for enterprise operations.

And that is still just the start. The rest of the package includes ebooks exploring other avenues for optimizing operations, including Mastering Redmine, Redmine Cookbook, 

Redis Essentials and more. There’s even a CompTIA Project+ Certification Guide, walking students through all the steps needed to take and pass the CompTIA Project+ certification exam, a major signifier that they understand core project management concepts.

The complete collection of videos and ebooks would usually cost over $600, but with the current deal, you can get all this project management training for about $3 each, just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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