Tiffin to distribute 633K to small businesses

Local businesses will be able to apply for up to $10K from the Cares Act funding.

TIFFIN, Ohio — The city of Tiffin is working to help business owners who are struggling to stay open right now.

Tiffin CIty Council approved Tuesday night a proposal to create the Tiffin CARES Small Business Relief Program.

The program will distribute the $633,000 Tiffin received from the federal Cares Act to local small businesses that are struggling to remain open during the pandemic.

Final procedures still need to be set, but Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said more than likely, the grant money will be awarded to companies of 40 or fewer employees and that earn less than $1 to $2 million a year in sales.

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“These locally owned stores do not have tens of thousands of dollars of advertising that’s being done by a parent company in their favor every year. They’re out there fighting tooth and nail for their own business, and that’s why we want to help local businesses in Tiffin,” Montz said.

The city is still waiting for answers from the state and federal level on any restrictions the city might have in awarding the money.

The hope is this grant money can cover any gaps left for businesses that may have already received the Cares Act money directly.

Currently, the city is planning on capping the individual grants to up to $10,000 per business.

“That way, we’re hoping we can help at least about 63 businesses. And if we have some smaller submittals, it could be upwards of a hundred different businesses. And, we’re very hopeful that we may receive additional funding and be able to do a second round of this,” Montz said. 

Montz said the city of Tiffin is still working on finalizing the details of this grant program, but they hope to have it up and running, and ready for applicants as soon as possible.

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