What is Telephone Banking

Telephone banking is an automated system provided by the bank in order to access your bank account information by using the tone type telephone. This type of telephone banking system allows you to get access to your bank balance and make necessary transactions. As soon as you dial the dedicated telephone number of the bank, you will be guided through the system and based on the offered menu of various choices, you can decide to access the particular information you need.

All you have to do is dial the concerned telephone banking service number and just follow the list of menus provided with instructions. You can get access to the appropriate service by following the step by step instructions provided to you on the telephone. This telephone banking system provides you a 24 hour banking access service and you can enjoy this facility from the comfort of your home.

This system enables you to perform many banking related activities such as follows:

  • You can check your bank balance
  • Bills can be paid
  • Your bank deposits and other related banking transactions can be traced.
  • A check book request can be made
  • You can block your debit card or credit card just by leaving instructions on the phone. Such a situation may arise when you suddenly realize that your debit card or credit card has been missing or stolen
  • You can even request a stop payment on a check

All the above transactions can be made by two ways. One way is by using the banking service facility and the other way is to speak to alive concerned banking person to perform your banking activity. So, this concept of providing banking facilities by telephone has brought total flexibility to the customer in terms of managing his bank account, according to his own individual requirement and lifestyle. But to get access to telephone banking system, one must first go through a special authentication procedure whereby the customer needs to posses two basic information.

One is your personal identification number(PIN). Both these information are unique and important in order to get access to your bank account information through the telephone banking system. To receive the benefits from the automated telephone banking system, you must use a telephone system which is a tone based phone. On the other hand, if you don’t have a touch – tone phone then you can dial the concerned a banking representatives. This person will first ask you some security based question and if you pass this verification test, you will then receive all the assistance required relating to your banking transaction request.

These days, we have the call center concept which is a blessing for banking customers. The customer can call up the customer service advisers who are ready to handle your cell. All you have to do is just take the initiative to make the right telephone call by accessing the telephone banking service. Telephone banking system is safe and convenient for all banking customers. One can access personal account information, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. See that you cultivate the right habits while using the telephone banking system. You must not write your bank account number and the telephone banking Personal Identification Number (PIN) on a piece of paper. Try to memorize the PIN details and your account number so that you can use this information efficiently while using the telephone banking system.

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