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Business administration/management majors study how businesses function. They learn business principles while strengthening their leadership skills, and they have a flexible curriculum that allows them to pursue a variety of careers. Students may go on to work as human resources managers, market research analysts, accountants or CEOs, among other professions.

What Is a Business Administration/Management Major?

Business administration majors learn the mechanics of business through classes in fundamentals such as finance, accounting and marketing and delve into more specialized topics. Students find ways to solve problems using data, and they develop communication and managerial skills. Business administration majors also study the ethical aspects of business decisions.

Some schools offer solely business administration or business management majors. Business administration majors earn a bachelor’s in business administration or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Coursework may focus more on communication, management theory and entrepreneurship.

Students studying business management graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Their degree program may take a closer look at economics, human resources management and the interpersonal relationships that guide business operations.

Before deciding on a program, students should research their options to find the one that best suits their goals.

Common Coursework Business Administration/Management Majors Can Expect

Coursework for business administration majors begins with introductory classes. Subjects include economics, statistics, accounting, marketing, management and organization, business communication, and entrepreneurship. Students then focus on coursework more aligned with their interests, or they may choose a concentration.

Students may take advanced classes in operations management, management theory and practice, organizational behavior, entertainment entrepreneurship, or investment in new ventures. Concentrations may include information systems and technology, international business, leadership and management, law, finance, health and life sciences, strategy, and real estate. Some programs allow business administration majors to pursue dual degrees in areas such as international relations, computer science, neuroscience or philosophy.

How to Know if This Major Is the Right Fit for You

Business administration majors should have an affinity for numbers to excel in math-related foundational courses, such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, calculus and accounting. These majors also need leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Business administration programs may focus on real-world scenarios or require students to craft business plans for new products. Many programs encourage students to develop their understanding of business and managerial principles by pursuing internships. Students should also be prepared to participate in service projects, clubs or other networking opportunities.

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What Can I Do With a Business Administration/Management Major?

A business administration major has a range of possible career paths. Accounting, finance, human resources management, marketing, public relations, consulting and technology are just a few options. Graduates may work as financial analysts, regulatory affairs specialists, real estate brokers, sales managers and market research analysts.

Students may also go on to pursue an advanced degree in business administration. In addition, they may earn qualifications such as a certified manager, certified business administration or project management professional credential.

Schools Offering a Business Administration/Management Major

Check out some schools below that offer business administration majors and find the full list of schools here that you can filter and sort.

Providence College
Providence, RI Location
#1 in Regional Universities North Featured Ranking
Rollins College
Winter Park, FL Location
#1 in Regional Universities South Featured Ranking
Trinty University
San Antonio, TX Location
#1 in Regional Universities West Featured Ranking
Taylor University
Upland, IN Location
#1 in Regional Colleges Midwest Featured Ranking
Carroll College
Helena, MT Location
#1 in Regional Colleges West Featured Ranking
Amherst College
Amherst, MA Location
#2 in National Liberal Arts Colleges Featured Ranking
Calvin University
Grand Rapids, MI Location
#3 in Regional Universities Midwest Featured Ranking
Elmira College
Elmira, NY Location
#6 in Regional Colleges North Featured Ranking

School Name




Featured Ranking

Princeton University   Princeton, NJ   #1 in National Universities
Providence College   Providence, RI   #1 in Regional Universities North
Rollins College   Winter Park, FL   #1 in Regional Universities South
Trinty University   San Antonio, TX   #1 in Regional Universities West
High Point University   High Point, NC   #1 in Regional Colleges South
Taylor University   Upland, IN   #1 in Regional Colleges Midwest
Carroll College   Helena, MT   #1 in Regional Colleges West
Amherst College   Amherst, MA   #2 in National Liberal Arts Colleges
Calvin University   Grand Rapids, MI   #3 in Regional Universities Midwest
Elmira College   Elmira, NY   #6 in Regional Colleges North