Young Midlander runs his own painting business

Midland resident Logan Gaksttater is only a sophomore in college, but this summer, he’ll be running a full-operation painting business.

Gaksttater is a Garber High School graduate of 2019. At Northwood University, he’s studying business management and playing on the golf team.

He found the internship and knew right away it was the perfect fit for him. The company Young Entrepreneurs Across America offers students across the country an entrepreneurial experience while earning tuition money.

Gakstatter said he wanted the internship because it would allow for him to get first-hand experience with being a manager and running your own business.

“They told me the business I’ll be able to run can be worth over $100,000, and you’re making great profits from it,” he said. “They Invest $12,000 in each intern, so they want to be sure that you’re doing this for the right reasons.”

As a manager, Gaksttater will be taking care of marketing, payroll, customer estimates, hiring and managing a team of painters.

“I’m extremely excited for this amazing opportunity to make a difference in my community, which I’ve always been so passionate about.”

If you or someone you know would like a free no obligation paint estimate, email Gaksttater at [email protected].