Zoho Expense: Streamline Travel and Expense Management

Zoho Expense streamlines travel and expense management for businesses.

Zoho Expense makes it easy to approve, monitor, pay and record expenses before, during and after a trip. What’s more, Zoho Expense can be integrated with various accounting software, such as Quickbooks and Amazon Business.

The Zoho Expense integration with accounting software is seamless, and a great help both when figuring the businesses’ bottom line during the year, and at tax time.

Faiyaz Haneef, Zoho Expense Product Expert, said that Zoho Expense was developed to answer requests from small business owners.
“That’s why we focused on automation software that could handle all transactions involved with travel and expenses,” Haneef said. “The entire process is automated.”

Key Benefits of Zoho Expense

Streamlined Travel

Expense handles each step of the itinerary, from pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip. Advances can be requested and approved. During the trip, receipts can be captured and submitted using Auto Scan (and can also be submitted manually). During post-trip, an expense report is automatically compiled, submitted to a finance team for approval, and recorded.

Expense Automation

All transactions can be uploaded to the Cloud from any type of device, via email inbox or Chrome extension. There are integrations with email and Outlook. Documents can be uploaded using various Apps, such as Dropbox and Evernote. Receipts can be uploaded using Auto Scan.

An invaluable feature is an integrated GPS, which tracks and records mileage.

Simplified Reporting

There are approvals at every stage of the process. Reimbursements can be provided during the process, or after the traveler’s return. There are multi-channel notifications, to ensure that there’s a notification for every action.

Cost Control and Compliance

Expense has built-in controls for spending. For example, a business customer can build in an amount limit for meals. If that amount is exceeding, the customer gets a notification of a policy violation.

Expense is used globally. There are different applications to adapt to mileage and tax rates that apply to different cities, areas or countries.

Insightful Analytics

Using Zoho Expense, a business owner can take a look at certain aspects of travel expense. For example, the business owner can compare the costs for travel between various departments, such as sales and marketing, production and administration.

The owner can also look at various areas, such as meal expenses and mileage.

Can Be Customized

Customization is one of the best features of Zoho Expense.

“A small business that is growing may need to manage expenses differently,” said Unni S, Head of Business Development for Zoho. “Or a business that has offices in different countries, such as the US and Canada, can customize Zoho Expense for each location.

Here are some examples of customization:

  • Per Diem automation – A business owner can load specific cost limits for aspects of trip expenses, such as meals. The owner can specify that reimbursement for amounts under the limits is automatic.
  • Recipient – The business owner can specify who receives the expense reports.
  • Integration with Accounting Apps – Zoho Expense can be integrated with the company’s accounting software.
  • Billing Customers – Using Zoho Expense, an expense report can be generated as an invoice to a customer.

Zoho Expense Automates the Entire Travel and Expense Process

A traveler gets an Uber ride, swipes a card, and the expense is automatically uploaded. A traveler uses Auto Scan to upload a receipt for a travel expense, and that cost is automatically uploaded.

At every stage of travel, costs and reimbursements are monitored, reimbursed and recorded.

“We have completely avoided errors by using technology, by integrating all those platforms so that the user doesn’t have to enter any data,” Unni S said. “Zoho Expense automates the complete process.”

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