Manifesting Money, Attracting Wealth And The Law Of Abundance Understood

Is there a psychology of financial freedom and money and if so, what is your attitude to having wealth? Or do you believe that wealth and success are booked just for those other “fortunate” individuals in this world?

Take a good look at exactly what you have today; take a look at what does it cost? I mean the financial freedom you have, your possessions, and your investments if you have any.

Are you satisfied, or are you simply going through the motions, and settling for whatever the world tells you that you can have?

Take a look around at everything you have today, and then search in the mirror, and ask yourself is there any such thing as instant manifestation?

YOU have actually developed in your mind previously because everything you have today.

Now, this idea of the psychology of money may be a completely foreign idea to you; if so, I say open your mind and consider exactly what I have actually simply told you.

Maybe it will be a difficult thing to accept initially about manifesting money, but once you do, you will unleash an invincible force within you that is the law of abundance.

What are your money beliefs?

Previously I discussed more on how to develop a millionaire’s mindset, become wealthy and get the life you want.

When we’re not getting what we really desire, it’s a lot easier to blame outdoor forces than to look inside ourselves, but by blaming others, we distribute our power for more lack!

The honest fact about psychology of money is that exactly what you put your attention on expands.

Do these seem familiar?

We’ve all heard things like, “The rich get richer and those don on their luck just get poorer, or “there’s never enough to go around.”

Or, “I can not pay for that our family has always been poor– it’s in our blood”, or “money is tough to come by and that’s how it’s been since time began.”

The law of abundance tells us that we will always get what we believe we’re worthy of.

Have you heard stories about people who increase from a life of anguish and hardship and win huge amounts of financial freedom, say from the lotto, just to end up being flat broke once again after a few short years?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to attitude about money beliefs.

What is YOUR mindset towards the psychology of money, I mean, wealth and prosperity, or do you focus more on what you lack?

Do you think there’s a secret to money?

Make a dedication today to alter your beliefs; it’s all up to you.

If you want to be wealthy you merely have to leave behind your old scarcity mindset and establish a new idea about the secret of money.

Open your heart and be willing to receive prosperity and abundance, and it will be yours because you begin attracting it to you!

The Course in Miracles teaches us that, “As you thinketh so will you be.”

I must mention my friend who as a newbie amateur made a killing from trading and following penny stocks, from just a tiny portion of his income.

Put some fun into your ideas about money!

It became a fun hobby he’d gotten obsessed over that turned into a golden nest egg for his golfing habit, and now he travels the world visiting golf resorts.

Again, as I conclude this article on the psychology of money, I ask you: Exactly what is your attitude to having wealth and manifesting money?

Or do you think that instant manifestation, where wealth and success are concerned, is only in the cards for those other “lucky” people in this world?

What is YOUR attitude to wealth and success and the law of abundance?

(BTW, there’s some great material on the web for attracting wealth while having fun with safe investing like, just for example, penny stocks trading by understanding the laws of abundance and prosperity.)

To the secret of success!

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