Profitable Free Traffic Building – The Profitable Free Traffic Mindset (And What It Is Not)

Profitable traffic building is one of the pillars of profitable online business.

And wanting a profitable online business is why you’re reading this article, right?

I promise to make it worth your investment of time.

The Profitable Traffic Building Mindset

In order to be able to do things in a profitable way, my experience tells me you have to first view things the right way.

So in order to view things the right way, we’re going to look at what the mindset is not, what it is, and how to install it, keep it and profit with it.

What it’s not

So there are lots of myths about creating profitable influx of new eyeballs on your stuff. One of them is you have to pay for good quality traffic.

Now I have nothing against paid traffic. It’s a good thing. It’s simply that I’ve enjoyed a high 6 figure business for many years now based on 99% non-paid traffic.

So let’s put aside the mindset that the only good traffic is paid traffic.

What it is

Here’s the right way to view no-cost traffic before you do no-cost traffic:

The right free traffic is highly qualified free traffic that will turn into high quality prospects and profits.

Get traffic from junk sites and you’re going to get junk traffic.

Get traffic from authority sites like YouTube and EzineArticles and you’re going to get high quality traffic.

These are folks who have invested anywhere from 2 – 10 minutes of their time to watch your video or read you article. So they have raised their virtual hand to tell you they are very interested in what you have to offer.

How to install the mindset

3 steps:

1) Discard the notion that no-cost traffic is junk traffic
2) Get it that the right non-paid traffic is high quality traffic
3) Get free traffic and enjoy the benefits

How to keep the mindset

If you are not consistently getting and enjoying free traffic, then it’s easy to slip back into the myth that free traffic is junk traffic.

So the way to keep the profitable free traffic mindset is to constantly build your sources of non-paid traffic.

WARNING: This is addictive. So proceed with extreme caution. When you follow these steps on a regular basis it’s very easy to find yourself, on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, enjoying all the benefits of high quality free traffic.

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