Self Service Kiosks – Keeping Stores Uncluttered and More Profitable

When a store is cluttered it tends to drive customers away, now digital signage can help communicate your message much clearer and engaging with the consumer who will in turn spend more when the have an enjoyable shopping experience.

When a customer enters a store and is met by a greeter, then as they go further into the store, they pass cashiers, trolleys and the amount of information displayed leads to information overload.

Have you ever been in a store and immediately on entering you are met with an employee asking you questions, this happened to me recently and after 10 minutes of the salesman following me around the store I left and I will NEVER return.

One of the most effective solutions is to use digital signage to avoid this, as a self serve kiosk will serve as a greeter (if the consumer requires assistance) and also as a cashier, whilst we are not recommending replacing staff with kiosks, no the employees can be redeployed in other areas to ensure shelves are stacked to maximum and to help with customer services.

There are three points for a succeeding and they are:

  • Deployment
  • Consistent messaging
  • Re-assess the system


When a digital signage system is being deployed in a store, the integration has to have the consumer in mind, if the signage is playing loud music this is likely to put customers off, so we have found that if you use a sensor that activates when a customer walks by and then welcomes them audibly, you can also give them the option to mute the unit if they do not want to hear it, this will reset itself after 75 seconds, ready for the next shopper. This sort of for thought helps the consumer to engage with the signage in a positive manner.

Consistent Messaging.

This must be used to provide an image that will instantly brand your company with your surroundings. A dynamic system that promotes the company as a brand is proven to increase sales and profitability, whilst also improving their reputation with customers.

Re-assess the system.

Once it is deployed, keep re-assessing the dynamic signage system to make sure that your company is getting the most out of it and customers and increasingly engaging with the system.

Following these simple steps will help de-clutter any store and improve profitability.

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