Which Forex Book Will Accelerate My Learning Curve and Get Me to Profitability

When the Foreign Exchange Markets (Forex or FX) were first deregulated in 1997 there was a proliferation of Forex books that hit the market. Since that time the focus has change to Forex trading courses. In these course there are usually many currency related books used as training tools in addition to video presentations, CD’s and DVD’s. If you take into consideration that a Forex book will cost in the range of $20 and a comprehensive currency trading course will cost in the range of $100 it is very easy to see why the course have gained so much in popularity.

There are three distinct categories of courses taught today. The first is the comprehensive course that covers everything from the basic topics to the advanced techniques. At completion of the currency trading program you will have an exceptional educational foundation to building on.

Three of my favorite FX comprehensive programs are The Forex Mentor which was developed by Peter R. Blain and is one of if not the most established program on the internet. Then next is Price Action Forex which structured around sixty video presentations and starts with the market basics and terminology, then advance to intermediate topics and finally advanced trading strategies. And finally, The Traders Club currency educational course starts with teaching you the fundamentals and advances to more complicated concepts, such as; risk verse reward, trading logic, how greed can kill you and then introduce you to your own customized trading system.

The next category of Forex educational course is specific trading methods. These are usually taught by self taught gurus that have discovered a little secret approach to making money in the markets. Then they simply repeat it daily and turn it into huge profits. I only am going to make one recommendation in this category, because I use it every day and make real good money with it. The course is Forex Made E-Z which was developed by a retired pilot and has thousands of people using each day making very good returns with it.

The final type of Forex trading course are the mentoring programs. These are unquestionably the best methods of learning currency trading. They are also the most expensive. What so many people don’t realize though is that these programs often pay for themselves. At the end of the class you will have a few one on one trading sessions with the professional teaching the course where you are permitted to invest your own capital. More often than not, during these trading sessions your profits pay for the entire program. My three top Forex mentoring programs are Straight Forex, The Forex Brotherhood and Fap Winner.

The day of the Forex book has passed I am not so sorry to say. There are so many more ways to learn Forex trading that are so much more cost effective and provide a substantially better education that I don’t think they will ever return in the quantity there once were prevalent. If you desire to be Forex money making machine then one of the currency courses above will certainly put you on the right path.

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